Sunday, August 24, 2008


Know what a Vitamin is? They are good for you right? But why?

A vitamin is something that is required for your body to continue to live, but that it can not synthesize on it's own from the carbs, fats, proteins, and minerals it takes in. You have to ingest vitamins one way or another.

You've probably heard the term for a British sailor "limy." Folk lore has it that sailors used to often get Scurvy on long sea voyages. Many guesses at the cause were made, but at some point someone learned that citrus fruits cured Scurvy. (In reality, a lack of vitamin C causes Scurvy, and citrus fruits have plenty of it). So, from that point forward British vessels were stocked with limes. And British sailors smelled of them, so they were called "Limy."

Cool huh?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy coffee drinkers

A show of hands, who hates lazy coffee drinkers? You know the type. They take the last cup of coffee or leave a 1/4 cup burning on the Bun-o-matic at work. Who's with me? You? -- Well YOU can kiss my ass.

I don't give a shit what people do with the 2nd to last cup of coffee or the last 1/4 cup in the "community" pot. They could dump it in the fake potted plant next to the break room for all I care, I ain't drinkin someone else's leftovers. Who knows how long that has been sitting there. It could be from yesterday, how do I know?

I am NOT a lazy coffee drinker. I make my own pot every morning. It's the good stuff. I brew it, pour it into a stainless steel vacuum lined carafe, and then I take it back to the lab where I work for my coworkers to enjoy. Every morning I do that, yet someone left a note implying that *I* was a lazy coffee drinker.

I guess through blazing a trail in my *good* coffee drinking glory, I have left some people soured in my wake. They leave the nasty notes because, apparently, when they saw my pot brewing, they thought there'd be more free coffee for them to drink on their way back through. Well, they were mistaken. That coffee had one purpose; to make my coworkers and I in the lab happy from 8AM to about 2PM when we kick the pot. Which, by the way, stays hot all day because said pot is a stainless steel vacuum lined carafe. Did I mention that?

That said, it is those nasty-note-writers that are the lazy ones. They NEVER make their own pot. They rest on the laurels of us early-birds that ALWAYS make the first pot of the day. And yes, I used to make two pots every morning. The first, the aforementioned pot that goes back to the lab, and the second, for the rest of the normal non-lab workers. Granted, I use the good stuff (coffe de jour from Starbucks) for us lab rats, and the normal run of the mill 5 year old "pencil shaving" flavored coffee, for the non-lab rats. Hey, I pay good money for the 1 lb bag of crack laced Starbucks coffee. SO, if I don't get to drink a cup from the pot, no one does. However, the two pot mornings stopped when the nasty notes started.

The lazy coffee drinkers think they are being clever by saying "make a pot for the next guy, it's the nice thing to do." That's bullshit. Because nine days out of ten, when I walk by that Bunn-o-matic at 4:55PM there is 3/4 of a pot cooking itself to oblivion. That is just wasteful, and ends up leaving a nice stain ring in the glass urn that is nearly impossible to get out if you don't have that magic blue stuff the cleaning ladies leave behind.

Lazy coffee drinkers, kiss my ass.