Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Slippery Slope toward Socialism

Tomorrow the American public will begin a new journey... For some the journey will be a seemingly blissful and easy one, for others the journey will be a battle for the very ideals that founded this country and one resisting a path toward socialism.

Socialism comes in many camouflaged forms but this election has presented one that has been undeniably obvious. Americans have made this choice knowing all the facts. They have been presented with the senatorial records of the candidates. They have been presented with the tax plans. They have been presented with the public service records. They have chosen.

It is not often socialism is forced on it's constituents. Only in the case of an extremely powerful nation invading and annexing neighboring countries, are a people given no choice at all except maybe the choice to fight to the death.

The American people have chosen socialism and tomorrow the slope will steepen and will be lined with the grease from the pork barrel spending. Hold on it's gonna be a wild ride.


Michael Bradley said...

interesting take.

realize that pork only accounts for less than 1% of our overall national budget (approx. $30B out of $3.2T). Still $30B is too much, but entitlements and oversea spending are the real problem

RyanL said...

Mike, completely agree. It is only a small fraction. But examine the amount that get's struck down at some point or another. And "pork" as defined has been limited in scope to figure on that $30B as well.

The semantics are easy to argue over, but we agree in principle. Smaller government, less spending.

Darin said...

Seriously, enough with this empty "socialism" accusation. It's baseless.


Own up and realize that Obama is not who you want to pretend he is.

RyanL said...

The choice for socialism was made in more ways than just choosing former Senator Obama as their President Elect. The public also chose to give up 25+ seats in the House and 5+ seats in the Senate. The current House and Senate and sitting President authorized a buyout of our banking system and are pondering one for the automobile industry. They are part of the American people as well. The people have chosen. But have they chosen wisely?

Darin said...

I'm pro-Obama, anti-bailout, so what does that make me?

RyanL said...