Thursday, December 25, 2008

15 CDs for 1 cent!

Remember Columbia House? You know, that mail order CD and cassette giant that used to put those stupid little card stock fliers in TV guides, newspapers and just about every magazine under the Sun. Oh yeah and the other company, BMG.

They are like nobodies now, but they used to be huge! Columbia house would offer you more free CDs or cassettes than your heart could ever desire, if you just sold your soul to them. OK, it wasn't exactly the price of soul. They made you buy between 6 and 12 more titles at full price over the course of two years. The catch was the "full price." It was like double what you'd pay in the store. It was printed in the size 2.5 pt font at the bottom of that card. Contrasted with the large print "15 CDs FOR THE ONE CENT," it was basically invisible.

But all that can be forgiven. At least there was a contract you *could* have read and nevermind that, you signed that card to get the CDs. The unforgivable part... That was their blasted lettering scheme for ordering CDs and cassettes. What was it you ask? You don't remember? Well, I can't beleive you don't remember how friggin stupid it was. Here it is, ready? C for cassette and, wait for it, *T* for Compact Discs. Yes, that's right, 'T." Retarded.

No one called cassettes, "cassettes." They were called "tapes." You have no idea how many times I meant to order a CD and I got a *tape* instead.

Columbia House sucked.

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