Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SCREW YOU, Apple. SCREW YOU!!! (Thoughts on Apple WWDC 2009 and Other Rantings)

Ok, It has been a while since I have had a posted anything. If you missed me, I'm terribly sorry.

So, all you Apple fanboys, are you finished drooling over their wares? The keynote revealed several things, some of which were rumored to be true before, and some that were a surprise. In the end, I call it nothing special. We already knew about the iPhone 3.0 OS and it's features. The new iPhone 3G(S) adds voice activation (hello, Apple, where have you been the last 3 years??), a better camera, video (whoop de do) and improved performance. Of all the things they added to the 3G(S) the better autofocusing camera is the ONLY one that peaked my interest.

Now, let's talk about how you fanboys got SCREWED. First, AT&T won't have MMS ready for the iPhone until like this Fall or something. Additionally, existing iPhone owners get to pay STEEP fees to upgrade to the 3G(S). Up to $699 for the 32GB model. Tethering? Pfft its still a pipe dream IMO. Granted, most of the problems are with AT&T. But hey, Apple chose who to let sleep in it's bed. There are some positives to havin exclusivity... well folks, these are the negatives. Everyone who knows who I am, knows of my hatred of AT&T. Probably the worst customer experience I've ever had over the 1.5 years I was with them.

On to the new MacBooks. Yay, built in batteries. Wow, Apple way to go. Now you've given even more hardware the ability to become a useless brick once the battery becomes inoperable. They claim 5 years of life and 100 charge cycles. Seeing as I recharge my current laptop at least once a day, That is about 2.5 years of charge cycles. Even if it did last as long as claimed, Apple is basically telling customers, "after 5 years, your laptop is junk."

To compare, and this is not to stir up a Mac vs. PC debate, I bought a mid-level desktop PC 6 years ago with an Athlon64. With only a upgrade to 2GB of RAM, that PC can run Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC, no problem. I plan on turning that machine into a file/media server once I buy a new laptop. How's that for being green? The point here is that PCs, Macs, computing equipment should not be thrown away every 3-5 years.

Oh and a $29 OS X upgrade... If MacOS 10.5 was so good, why does it need an upgrade? If it really does need an upgrade, then it shouldn't cost much.

Now, for some other rantings. I recently ordered a new Studio XPS 16 laptop from Dell. This thing is sweet: 1920x1080 16" LED backlit screen, Slot load Bluray drive, 2.53GHz Core2 Duo, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, and a backlit keyboard. The only problem is, the order has been delayed not once, but TWICE. Dell now "guarantees" they will have the laptop to me by the new date. Contrast: Apple annouced a new line of unibody MacBook Pro laptops yesterday and they can supposedly have it to me in 48 hours. Bravo Apple, except for the fact that their 15.4 inch displays are STILL only 1440x900. Additionally, NO option is available for Bluray. Oh and it requires a stupid adapter to go from DisplayPort to HDMI. Not that I'd need it... I can't play Bluray discs in it! For all that, I get to pay an extra $200 ($300 if I want the hard drive to be the same size). But hey, drink the koolaid, and worship their wares. A sucker is born every minute I suppose.


Michael Bradley said...

I left the PC world 4 years ago and will never be back. I don't care if it's twice as expensive to run my Mac/iPhone etc. Since I was a hardcore PC user for over 10 years (and still use a PC in work type settings) and have been a Mac guy for 4 years, I think I can offer a better opinion than most. For how much time we all spend on the computer and using our PDA/cell phones, I think everyone should spend a little more money for a MUCH better product....or just keep buying the General Motors of computers.

RyanL said...

I disagree whole-heartedly about the General Motors comment. Microsoft is nothing like GM. GM failed to see what their users wanted and also failed to steer the industry the way it should have as a leader in it's field. Microsoft on the other hand has been innovating in the Operating System world for over 30 years. People laughed at them when they included the original IE with the OS they sold. Now, as they threaten to release a version of Windows without IE in the European Union everyone cries foul. Apple can do no wrong. They include a browser with their OS and no one says a thing. Microsoft has also proven to be a stiff competitor in just about every market they've competed in. Sure they've had a few Ford Edsels in their time, but by and large they produce high value products that pretty much run this country. They were a nobody 15 years ago in the Server market, and now they can compete with Sun, IBM and the rest of them. Apple has NOTHING on them in that arena. Apple had to turn to a distribution of BSD to get an operating system that was stable and not clunky with better APIs and interfaces. Microsoft has developed it's own products pretty much from scratch which have maintained an excellent track record of backward compatability and usability. If you haven't tried out Windows 7, I suggest you do.

That said, I think that Apple has some very talented hardware designers. But they have no lack of issues with batteries, power supplies, overheating and otherwise. Additionally, they just don't offer what I want or need.